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LSC Communications List Services
Get your mail into the hands of the intended recipient –with greater postage discounts than ever before with our List Services processing for USPS® Periodical, Standard, First-Class and Package Services mailings.

LSC Communications List Services has taken mail file submission and processing on-line, giving you 24/7 web access to your mail files and helping you mail smarter – in less time, for less money. The web-based format allows you to efficiently review and approve your processed files and to ensure that mail list processing meets your specifications.

Our List Services solutions include:

  • CASS certification
  • NCOA
  • Merge/Purge
  • Postal presort
  • Address output on Cheshire labels, Pressure Sensitive and Inkjet labels

For a complete description of all the List Services solutions we offer, visit the Services Offered section of this website.

Would you like us to demonstrate how our List Services can help your next mailing be more efficient and more cost effective? We’ll conduct a free, no obligation analysis of your current mail lists and highlight exactly how each of our solutions can save you time and money. Contact us now to learn more about how LSC Communications List Services can help reduce your postage and list processing costs with our integrated suite of list processing services.
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